Tienly 30K Motor Short


Tienly GT series motors are one of the best motors on the market for superior performance and quality. They boast incredible torque capabilities while remaining super efficent with low operating temperature and amperage. These motors are hand made in Taiwan with incredible quality. They are designed for extreme builds (DSG, High ROF, High FPS) while being able to hand non-stop abuse.

  • Extremely High Torque (20TPA)
  • 30k RPM
  • Suits Up To M200 @ 21-23 RPS
  • Low Operating Temperature
  • Low Operating Amperage
  • Oversized Carbon Brushes
  • Hand Wound Armature
  • Anti-Oil/Grease Absorption Design

Turns Per Armature: 20T
Armature Wire size: 0.75mm
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Motor Type: Long
Application: Standard speed, standard torque applications.