SCW 90° VSR Piston and Spring guide

Springer Custom Works

High pressure 90° VSR piston for use with all kinds of 90°/Zero triggers.

Works best with my SCW Spring guide for VSR.

Airbrake can be modified to desired lenght.


One piece stainless steel spring guide for VSR.

Works best with my SCW 90° VSR piston.

Bit longer than standard spring guides – may not work with all brands of pistons ( can be shortened )


Key specs of a piston :

– Able to take 13 mm springs.

– Quiet

– Smooth operation

– Removable airbrake

– Lightweight (40g)

Key specs of a spring guide :

– 7.5 mm shaft diameter

– Able to take 13 mm springs ( with some wobble ).

– Smooth surface

– Wide diameter of rear part 12.7 mm helps center a piston in a cylinder


Piston is made out of :

Aluminium (body)
POM (rear guide ring, airbrake)

Stainless steel (rear base part)

NBR70 (o-rings)

Spring guide is made out of :

Stainless steel (whole spring guide)


Package / Piston consists of :

– 90° piston assembly

– Grubscrew

– Airbrake (15mm long)

– Damper o-ring (7×3)

– Top glide o-ring (19×1,8)

– Bottom sealing o-ring (17,8×2,4)

– Spare 19×1,8 o-ring for tighter cylinders

– One piece stainless steel spring guide


Works best in the Action Army, Laylax, Maple Leaf MAG, Stock or similar not so internally tight cylinders.

For sure will not fit without moding into the PDI (standard and Bore UP), AirsoftPro and EDGI cylinders. 


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