Polarstar MRS w/ Braided Air Line 36 Inch


MRS from Polarstar is a 3 inches tall compact regulator which threads directly onto the HPA tank. This solution eliminates the need for a separate UFA and keeps very low air rig profile. It contains integral on/off valve what is characteristic to this model and makes it different from the competitors. This enables you to depressurize the system before disassembling it from the tank to avoid wear and possible damage on the tank o-ring and threads.

Optional High Pressure Spring boots maximum pressure to ~200psi.
Oversized 4mm piston bore for extremely high flow and refresh rate even at only 40psi.
Integral tournament lock can be secured with a standard zip-tie. Compatible with standard HPA as well as SLP tanks.
HP Spring Not Included
Min Output Pressure: 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure: 145 PSI (~200 PSI with HP Spring, p/n 10000556)
Max Input Pressure: 900 PSI
Outputs: 4x 1/8 NPT
Weight: 270 g
Shipping weight: 310 g