Redline Mini SFR Air System

Redline Airsoft

The Mini SFR is Redline Airsoft’s newest regulator. The Mini SFR has the exact same performance and features as our class leading standard SFR regulator, but in a smaller package.

It works equally well with both standard high output tanks or low output, SLP type tanks.  And just like the standard SFR, the Mini SFR is a fully balanced regulator. Why is that important?

Unbalanced regulators are subject to what is known as the “supply pressure effect.” That means an unbalanced regulators output pressure is affected by changes to its input pressure.

Unbalanced regulators can have a very large pressure change as their supply tank empties. This can cause a velocity to drop as the supply tanks pressure drops.

Since the Mini SFR is balanced, its output pressure is unaffected by changes to its input pressure. That means even as the tank empties, the Mini SFR’s output pressure, and therefore the guns velocity, will remain unchanged. This allows you to shoot the air tank virtually empty with no performance decrease. Effectively giving you more shots per tank.

The Mini SFR is the only balanced regulator sold for use in Airsoft.

The Q.D. on the regulator end of the hose lets you quickly detach the hose from your air system even with the system still pressurized for quick and easy tank refills. Now even with your hose fully integrated into your Vest / Harness tank refills are a breeze .

We recommend that only TechT Gun Sav be used to lube your Mini SFR regulator

The Redline Mini SFR is 100% made and assembled in the USA.

Downloads mini_sfr_user_manual

I use this regulator as a test regulator in the shop and on the field, it is one of the best regulators out there.

high refresh rate, super consistent, i really recommend this regulator.


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