PCU M870 Tracer Unit Gen 4


Product description:
• M870/AA12/KSG/SGR12 Tracer unit Engine Gen.3
• Battery lasts up to 6,000 rounds(6000x3bbs) / 7 days (Power on)
• Can sustain tracer function without limitation of rps
• High power and efficiency LEDs
• Supports green bbs
• Simple single button operation interface
• Four side light sources to light up BBs
• Charging level indicator (No light – fully charged, Red – charging)
• Built-in Lipo rechargeable battery and protection board to avoid

Color: Black
Dimensions: 93x52x50mm (LxWxH) without adapter
Material: 3D Printed PETG
Weight: 110g

Package include:
1x PCU TM KSG Tracer unit Gen.4 Shell
1x M870/AA12/KSG/SGR12 Tracer unit Engine Gen.3
2x M870/AA12/KSG/SGR12 Front Cap Gen.2.1
1x PCU Sticker 50mm
1x Charging cable
1x Instruction manual