Poseidon Ice Pick Evolution GBB Flute Valve


Red Ice Pick bring an impressive performance in low temperatures.

Brand new Ice Pick Evolution!

-The design of the bottom slot increases the power of low-pressure gas.

-The four blades and the middle opening design allow GBB to operate normally at low temperatures.

-It uses a larger outer diameter spring for more stable performance.

-Made by aluminum alloy CNC process, anodize, and laser engraving surface treatment.

This flute valve is an upgrade part which can help you use replica in low temperature.
You can use guns even in cooler weather up to 8 degrees Celsius.
This valve fits Tokyo Marui, WE, KJW, APS and ARMY!
EMG TTI STI Combat Master, AW HI-CAPA, AW M1911, WE HI-CAPA, WE M1911/M45A1, WE IMI Desert Eagle, WE G19/G19X/G23, WE G17/G18c, WE G34/G35, TM G17, TM G18c, TM HI-CAPA, WE M9 series, WE P226/P226E2, WE (MP9), WE (MP9C), WE XDM, WE (P99), WE M18.

Before purchasing, make sure that the part will fit your replica.

CAUTION! If you decide to personal installation gearbox parts as gears, pistons, springs, etc., you must remember that your warranty will be canceled. If you want to keep you warranty parts must be installed by our service.


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