HP Regulator 300 Bar (4500psi) Ninja Ultra Light


Get the high-quality and lightweight Ninja Ultra Light Reg for your HP bottle. The Ninja Ultra Light Regulator is the lightest and shortest reg in the Ninja product portfolio.

The output pressure is set to 800PSI as standard and can be reduced from 800 to 650 and 500 PSI in just a few steps . Thanks to the newly designed “Pin Valve”, your marker is always optimally and constantly supplied with air.

Technical data:
Weight: 118 grams
Length: 54 mm
Output pressure: 800 PSI, adjustable to 650 and 500 PSI

Further information:
This regulator is not PI certified! Regulators and bottles without the PI mark may be sold and used. However, these may not be transported on public roads with a filling pressure greater than 2 bar.


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