Airsoft T-Plugs – Pack of 10 Pairs


Package Includes:
10x Male Connectors
10x Female Connectors
Weight: 40gr (10 x 4gr)

T-Plug connectors feature less resistance and better conductivity, increasing performance and taking full advantage of higher performance parts and batteries. T-Plug connectors are also smaller, but provide a rigid, stable connection that will not wear out.

Brass metal coated by electrolytic deposition with gold.

Stainless Steel Springs
Leaf spring designed stainless steel electrical components provide a secure fit and greater electrical conductivity.

Nylon PA66 Housing
The versatility of nylon makes it one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics, creating a strong outer shell to the connector.

Agent guards against oxidation, improves conductivity and thus a cooler connection.

Low Resistance
Less opposition to the flow of electric current, the lower the resistance! The better the performance!

Smaller Footprint
Even less than half the size (48%) of a Mini-Tamiya connector, the T-Plug provides many benefits while maintaining a much smaller form factor.